Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Distressed Denim Vest


How to create your very own distressed denim vest.

Things you will need:

Jean Jacket (or Denim shirt)
Marking pencil
Washing machine and dryer

Extra things you may need:

Chains ( of different widths,sizes, and styles)
Jump rings
Wire/Chain cutter

STEP ONE: Lay your Jean jacket (or denim shirt) on a flat surface and begin to cut the sleeves off of both sides.

could leave it just like this, but why not go farther?

STEP TWO: Take a ruler or straight edge and marking pencil, and mark where you would like the placement of your distressed cuts and holes to be. After making your marks cut along those exact lines.
Make sure your markings are at least 1/4 to 1/2 inches apart

STEP THREE: Once your slits have been made, take your scissors and start to run them vertically down the slits to rough them up.

 STEP FOUR:  Take your scissors and begin to run them up and down over the arm holes until you have reached your desired frayed look.     
left: not frayed      Right: slightly frayed

STEP FIVE: Avoiding the seams holding the vest together, cut the very edge of the bottom of the vest and begin to fray that as well with the scissors.
cutting the edges off *snip snip snip
fraying the edges

STEP SIX: After you have roughed up and deconstructed your vest to your liking, put it into the washer and dryer to deconstruct it a little bit more. (You do not have to do this step if you are already pleased with what you already have created.)
STEP SEVEN: After removing your vest from the dryer it should look more distressed and shredded than before. After wards you can pull more horizontal strings from the slits you made. After completing these steps you are pretty much complete with your distressed vest, but if you want to go further with this project you can add chains or studs to your vest.

pulling on the horizontal threads more



STEP EIGHT: Get three chains of different lengths and widths and a jump ring. Puncture the fabric (wherever you would like to place your chains) with the jump ring, add the chains, and close the ring with a pair of pliers.

should look somewhat like this

STEP NINE: Measure out how long you want your chains to be and cut the excess off with either wire cutters or scissors, or remove the excess by opening the chains with your pliers and sliding the excess off. 
STEP TEN: After cutting off the excess chains repeat STEP EIGHT and you are complete!

Hope You Enjoyed and Try it out yourself!

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  1. Hey! I like this. Simple, yet stylish! Quite easy to do from home, and it looks like you bought it right from a department store!! Awesome job!!